Hunain Ghazwah , THE SEALED NECTAR
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Hunain Ghazwah

The conquest of Makkah which came forth as a consequence of a swift blow astounded both the Arabs and other tribes who realized that they were doomed and had to submit to the new situation as a fait accompli. Some of the fierce, powerful proud tribes did not submit and favoured resistance. Ahead of these were the septs of Hawazin and Thaqif. Nasr, Jashm and Sa‘d bin Bakr and people of Bani Hilal — all of whom of Qais ‘Ailan. They thought that they were too mighty to admit or surrender to such a victory. So they met Malik bin ‘Awf An-Nasri and made up their mind to proceed fighting against the Muslims.

Hunain Ghazwah

The Enemy’s March and their Encampment at Awtas

The War-experienced Man wrongs the Leader’s Judgement

Reconnoitering the Weapons of the Messenger of Allâh

Reconnoitering the Enemy’s Weapons

The Messenger of Allâh leaves Makkah for Hunain

The Islamic Army stunned the Archers and the Attackers

Mulsims’ return to the Battlefield, and the fierceness of the Fight

Reverse of Fortunes and the Enemy’s utter Defeat

Hot Pursuit of the Enemy

Ta’if Campaign

The Distribution of the Booty at Al-Ji‘ranah

The Helpers Al-Ansar are furious at the Messenger of Allâh

Arrival of the Hawazin Delegation

Lesser Pilgrimage Al-‘Umrah to Makkah and leaving for Madinah

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