The Invasion of Tabuk , THE SEALED NECTAR
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The Invasion of Tabuk in Rajab, in the Year 9 A.H.

The invasion and the conquest of Makkah was considered a decisive one between the truth and the error. As a result of which, the Arabs had no more doubt in Muhammad’s mission. Thus we see that things went contrary to the pagans’ expectations. People started to embrace Islam, the religion of Allâh, in great numbers. This is manifested clearly in the chapter — The delegations, of this book. It can also be deduced out of the enormous number of people who shared in the Hajjatul-Wadâ‘ (Farewell Pilgrimage). All domestic troubles came to an end. Muslims, eventually felt at ease and started setting up the teachings of Allâh’s Laws and intensifying the Call to Islam.

The Invasion of Tabuk

The underlying Reasons

General News about the Byzantines and Ghassanide Preparations for War

Particular News about the Byzantine and Ghassanide Preparations for War

The Muslim Army is leaving for Tabuk

The Army of Islam at Tabuk

Returning to Madinah

The People Who lagged Behind

The Invasion of Tabuk and its Far-Reaching Ramifications

The Qur’ânic Verses Relating to this Invasion

Some Important Events that featured that Year

For you, Muhammad peace be upon him Network

Script for a book THE SEALED NECTAR 2011 - 1432